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Is there life in the Acreage Florida? Forty years ago most life in the Acreage sported fins, feathers, fur, or scales.  Although such critters are still around, the dominant species of life in the Acreage today is homo sapiens.  Where is the Acreage?  The Acreage (sometimes known as the Royal Palm Beach Acreage and frequently confused with Loxahatchee) is now a diverse and vibrant community in an unincorporated section of central/western Palm Beach County, Florida.  As it's residents, we are striving to maintain a balance between it's rural nature and the needs of a growing community.

A Bicycle Rack There?

You have probably driven past the gas station at the corner of Orange Boulevard and Seminole-Pratt Whitney Road. Did you notice that one of the amenities of the gas station is a bicycle rack? Why is that? Watch this space for the answer.


Where Did the Sign Go?

Residents who enter the Acreage via Royal Palm Beach Boulevard have no doubt noticed the absence of a once familiar landmark.  The gateway sign that used to read "Welcome to the Acreage, a Palm Beach County Rural Community" is gone, missing, nowhere in sight.  Why is that?


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